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The fruit plant called Total Fit Keto has Indian origins but in reality, it can also be found in other parts of Asia. It is an easily recognizable fruit in that it resembles a small pumpkin with a green skin and an orange colored pulp.

It is a natural product that offers enormous benefits for the human body!

In recent years, in fact, it has been scientifically proven that Total Fit Keto makes you lose weight fast . In fact, in America they have known it for much longer, in fact, it has become the slimming supplement that all Hollywood stars use to lose weight fast.

As you know, in fact, many millionaire film contracts sometimes require the actor or actress to fatten 20/30 kg in a few weeks to get that part.

Once the film is finished, however, the same actors immediately want to resume their weight, their impeccable line and to lose weight quickly, they use the natural supplement called Total Fit Keto .

Total Fit Keto: does it really work?

The answer to this question that many people ask is one: yes, Total Fit Keto really works as it is a perfect natural weight loss. The fact that it functions so exceptionally depends on the active substance that is extracted from the skin itself of this fruit: we are talking about Hydroxycitric Acid (whose acronym is HCA).

This substance actively acts on our body and produces these effects that are fundamental for those who want to lose weight easily and quickly and naturally:

  • Appetite decreases;
  • Prevents the accumulation of fat;
  • Increases metabolic rate.

Moreover, very importantly, Total Fit Keto activates serotonin which is the famous neurotransmitter of good mood. So in a short time, you will lose weight and without losing your smile, you will be more serene and leaner !

That’s all? No, because the substance extracted from this fruit also has the ability to protect liver cells and also prevents too many blood lipids from creating cellular damage.

HCA hydroxycitric acid

Acid-hydroxycitric We said earlier that hydroxycitric acid is present in this fat burning fruit which is a product of the demolition of citric acid. It is precisely this natural molecule that brings all the benefits to our body, the molecule whose most important properties are to reduce appetite, increase the speed of metabolic processes and improve mood.

These are the fundamental peculiarities of Total Fit Keto and it is for these properties that simple diet and exercise do not allow you to lose pounds faster than the substance extracted from this special fruit.

The extract

After verifying with numerous scientific studies on a large sample of the overweight population that Total Fit Keto was really effective in the weight loss process, the fundamental problem was given by the difficulty of finding this fruit in the western parts of the world, for which, to make accessible to all intents and purposes this fruit has been thought to create a natural supplement that contains the right doses of hydroxycitric acid .

L ‘ Total Fit Keto extract is sold in the form of capsules to ingest. Once ingested, the substance begins to act on our body.

Which one to choose?

Having become a commonly used natural product, obviously many brands have started to market it so it can be difficult to choose the right brand.

At the time of purchase, these tips I am going to give you will be fundamental:

The single capsule must contain a dosage of active ingredient of at least 500mg: this is because a lower dosage would not offer any result. Normally 2 or 3 capsules should be taken before meals to reach a dosage of 3000mg per day. If you want to take larger doses, which is not necessary, you should consult your doctor;

In order for the capsule to be effective it is essential that the hydroxycitric acid be contained in quantities of at least 50%; The capsules that also contain substances such as calcium and potassium will provide better absorption of the substance and the effect on our body will be more evident

Products such as green coffee and raspberry ketone may be present in combination with Total Fit Keto.

Total Fit Keto will obviously be taken before meals and remember that combining a healthy and regular diet and a good exercise plan can further speed up the weight loss process.

Total Fit Keto: Side Effects?

Being a purely natural product, Total Fit Keto , taken correctly and in the right doses does not cause any kind of side effects .

Few people and therefore a non-statistically significant amount found dizziness or intestinal problems in the first days of taking the substance. These problems are not attributable to the product but to the change in the diet

Rather than talking about side effects, we can instead continue to talk about the beneficial effects on our body: Total Fit Keto in fact regulates cortisol levels, thus making our mood higher for most of the day. By lowering the levels of the stress hormone (cortisol in fact), you will not face those symptoms of diet depression.

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