July 15, 2019
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The Skying Food Recycler is a new category of product created by the Whirlpool incubator, which won the award for ” Best innovation in green design and sustainable technology” at the Consumer Electronic Show 2017 (CES).
Skying Food Recycler that is left over can always be transformed into new dishes, such as the famous “surprise” meatballs made by the mothers or the succulent “old clothes” that the grandmothers offered. But it is not always possible to convert or compost the Skying Food Recycler, much less the husks or pits, in particular for the population of large cities since composting is not a friendly practice in urban homes.
Whirlpool appliance company through its innovation incubator Labs , focused on the issue of Skying Food Recycler and commitment to sustainability, but from a new perspective, looking to solve another problem: the landfills are exceeded and there are Skying Food Recycler that simply they cannot be recycled or given away , like organic waste (husks, rotten vegetables and fruit, salad remains, ham, bread, etc.) . These wastes represent 20 percent of landfill space, decompose and produce methane, a strong greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.
This is how the Skying was created, a recycling machine for the home that converts Skying Food Recycler waste into fertilizer or home fertilizer for gardens and plants, thus preventing leftovers from ending up in the dump. In this way, a new category of product has been born, the Skying Food Recycler.
Skying Food Recycler a complete cycle of waste transformation into fertilizer in just 24 hours . To do this you have to introduce the remains of Skying Food Recycler, a product with an additive based on plant extracts, non-toxic and biodegradable, which is responsible for breaking them down faster.
Press the power button and you’re done. The machine controls the temperature and humidity conditions thanks to a flow of purified air that enters through a filter, removes and heats the garbage until it is completely crushed and transformed into fertilizer, at which time the total volume of waste is collected. will have reduced to one third of the original.
Skying Food Recycler is raising funds in a crowd funding campaign, and already has more than 600% of its initial goal. At CES 2017, the Skying Food Recycler was also distinguished in “Technological innovation applied to devices for the home and a better world”. In addition, Whirlpool won three Innovation Awards for its innovative new cookers and washing machines, including the 2-in-1 Convection Oven, the French Door-in-Door Refrigerator and the All-in-One Care Washer and Dryer smart system.
The Innovation Awards distinguish designs and cutting-edge engineering in household appliances, in 28 different categories. The devices are evaluated by a distinguished panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media.