July 16, 2019
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optavia diet reviews

Optavia Diet Reviews : After the active ingredient of the drug (poly acrylic acid carbonate) enters the stomach, it reacts with water and forms a loose hydrogen, partially filling the lumpen of the stomach. It is for the formation of a sufficient amount of gel that it is necessary to wash down each capsule of the preparation with at least one glass of water. In the stomach filled with hydrogen there is little room for food, with the result that the person feels saturated almost immediately after the start of the meal. Satiety is felt for a long time, as the hydrogen leaves the stomach slowly. Weight reduction is achieved by limiting the calorie intake without feeling hungry.

optavia diet reviews

How does Optavia Diet a work?

The feeling of satiety consists of two components. Primary saturation occurs when the receptors of the stomach walls signal to the brain that the organ is full. Secondary saturation appears later, as a result of chemical reactions in the body, associated with the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates and the release of energy necessary for the vital activity of the body.

Acceptance of Optavia Diet is aimed at the rapid achievement of primary saturation. At the same time, an organism that does not receive the usual amount of nutrients, is forced to break down fat deposits, getting them the previously stored nutrients and energy. In addition, Optavia Diet contributes to the addiction to small portions of food, a person gradually learns to eat a little and in his subconscious the connection between a small portion and satiety after it is fixed.

Is Optavia Diet effective? Reviewed by a nutritionist

Obesity can have various causes, among which overeating is not the most frequent. However, for the reduction of excess weight, acquired precisely in connection with the immoderation in food, Optavia Diet can actually be effective, as it helps to form the right eating habits. However, one should not expect a significant effect if the intake of the drug will accompany a high-calorie diet with an abundance of harmful products. In addition, if obesity has developed on the basis of hormonal disruption or metabolic diseases, Optavia Diet can only be effective as an aid, provided that the underlying cause of obesity is treated.

Thus, effective weight loss with Optavia Diet can only be achieved if:

  • together with taking supplements to optimize the daily diet;
  • forget about the overly high-calorie and harmful foods, fast food;
  • stop eating late at night (dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime);
  • observe the diet formed with Optavia Diet constantly, even after stopping the drug.

However, such changes in nutrition and without special additives will have a positive impact on the process of weight loss.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the price of the drug is far from the average budget: on average, Policy will have to spend about 3,000 rubles per month (and for severe obesity, which will require double supplementation – up to 6,000). Weight loss is relatively slow: 3-5kg per month, which is certainly good for health, but for the wallet this slow pace will be sensitive. (George Dubrovnik, Dietitian, MD, Moscow)

Are there analogs Optavia Diet?

There are no full-fledged Optavia Diet analogues, but there are means for losing weight that have a similar effect to it, in particular, supplements based on micro crystalline cellulose, which, once in the stomach, also swells and fills part of its volume.


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