August 21, 2019
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When I started with the low carb diet, I had many doubts that I did not find the answer easily, I had to investigate for hours. Here are the most frequently asked questions when you start with a low carb diet.
How long does it take us to enter ketosis?

A KetoFlair is not a diet with which you capriciously, you can choose to enter and leave it at any time. This diet needs time for your body to adjust or get used to and enter a state known as ketosis. What does this process consist of? It is done anywhere, lasts from 2 to 7 days, depending on your physical state, your load of physical activity and your current diet. The most agile way to get the state ketosis in your body is to exercise on an empty stomach, restrict or limit the intake of carbohydrates to 20 g or less per day and control the amount of water consumed.

 Where can I find low-calorie recipes?

Everywhere on the internet! There are, today, recipes in almost all health sites, then a quick Google search can find the recipe you want and it will definitely help you. You can even convert recipes with high levels of carbohydrates that use sugar or fruit in recipes with artificial sweeteners or by removing the fruit. Even this site, we have several recipes that you can see and get very good ideas, ranging from breakfast to dinner including desserts.

How can I track and measure how many carbohydrates I consume?

The most common way to measure carbohydrate intake is through and its mobile application. In the application you can not get the net carbohydrates, although you can measure the total carbohydrates you consume and the total fiber you also consume. So, with these measures, if we subtract the consumption of fiber to the total carbohydrate intake we obtain the net carbohydrates.

Others, choose to use ” Fat Secret “. This is an application that I am not familiar with, even though I know that you can measure it, your net carbohydrates. The choice of which one to use to measure them is at your own discretion and your own will to decide.

 Do I need to count or measure my calories?

At the end of the day, calories matter. Calories consumed / Calories burned is a simple equation that will never be true for anyone. Disorders in metabolism, endocrine disorders, and sensitivities in foods all play a part in measuring carbohydrates. What is your job or what should you do? Well, just eat correctly. Never go too far and get a deficit, and never chop when it is not due to so-called “bad” foods.

With a KetoFlair, you rarely have to worry about calories, because fats and proteins are going to fill you up and stay that way for a long period of time. But, if you exercise, you must be alert. With exercise always comes a great calorie burn, and you must eat to sustain it.

Can I eat a lot?

A short answer is, yes, you can eat a lot of fat. In the question above, I talked about calories and how they are still important to us. In the end, we need to be on a calorie deficit so we can lose weight. Eating a lot of fat will push and will make you get that deficit and get a surplus of calories. While most people find it difficult to get too much fat on a low-calorie diet, it is really possible.

Use the KetoFlair calculator, to calculate your macros and see how many fats, proteins and carbohydrates you should eat per day. Keep in mind while completing this data, you can edit the values ​​of your proteins and your carbohydrates (you should do it, depending on your activity levels). If you have any questions, please let me know in comments.

How much weight will I lose?

The amount of weight you will lose depends entirely on you. Obviously adding exercise to your regimen will make the weight loss faster. Cutting or ending things that are for you causing “stops” in the regime is also a good thing to do. Artificial sweeteners, daily, wheat products and derivatives (wheat gluten, wheat flour and any product containing wheat…

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