August 21, 2019
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Last but not least, there are the mono-unsaturated ones. These are known to be “healthy” and are acceptable for that. Olive oil is a first example of a food that has large proportions of monounsaturated fats, being healthy for us, lowering our cholesterol.

What should do Keto Diet NuwayLiving?

Something very common that happens when someone starts a Keto Diet NuwayLiving is having headaches and “brain fog” or brain fog. Since it is known that has a diuretic effect on our bodies, we always end up urinating much more than usual. This causes us to burn our last reserves of glycogen and therefore causes us to have a great disaster on our hands. With urine, we are eliminating electrolytes that we must then replace.

What you should do is stay hydrated and eat with salt, broths or soups, salty foods such as bacon, cold meat and salted nuts. These are very good meals and drinks while you are transitioning to , and they are also good meals to help you stay healthy and ready for everything.

How Does Keto Diet NuwayLiving Work?

It is very common for people who begin to be in Keto Diet NuwayLivingto have irregular movements in the intestine. Below is a list of advice given to people for constipation or problems with irregular bowel movements.

  • Take a magnesium supplement
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat a spoonful of Coconut oil
  • Stop eating nuts (if you’re doing it)
  • Eat more fibrous vegetables
  • Try to eat Chia seeds or Flax seeds
  • Try coffee or tea

Allowed in the Keto Diet NuwayLiving?

If you can drink low carb alcohol with this diet while you are in Keto Diet NuwayLiving, but you must be very careful. Do not drink the type of alcohol that contains carbohydrates.

If you are going to drink preferably it is liquor. Wine, beer and cocktails all contain carbohydrates, you should avoid them. Clear liquors are your best bet, but be sure to avoid flavored liqueurs since they may have carbohydrates.You could drink whiskey and tequila in moderation, because if you drink a lot of alcohol, you increase your calories a lot. to learn more about the types of alcohols you can drink.

I no longer lose more weight, what can I do?

Having “plateaus” in weight loss happens to everyone at least once. There are numerous reasons why this happens but I will try to explain it very briefly. You can try applying several methods that could help you, ranging from cutting with certain foods from your diet or changing your eating patterns.

  • Cut with dairy
  • Increase your fat intake
  • Decrease your carbohydrate intake
  • Stop eating nuts
  • To eat Gluten
  • Cut with artificial sweeteners
  • Search carbohydrate foods
  • Start eliminating processed food from your diet
  • Change the habit of weighing yourself by measuring your calories or fats
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